The Movement




  Our mission is to help rural communities restore democratic control of their utility cooperatives.  We work with local partners and co-op members on innovative strategies to build community capital for sustainable economic growth and empowerment.

Restore democratic control over rural electric cooperatives, that are important community- owned assets.

Renew and revitalize the economy of the Black Belt served by rural electric cooperatives.

Empower customers of rural electric cooperatives to exercise their rights as owners and enjoy the benefits of membership cooperatives.



We follow these principles to ensure all of our constituents are best served according the cooperative principles. We seek to modernize these principles to ensure rural communities are included in the current social and academic narratives.


Community Cooperatives

We seek to weave stronger cooperative principles into all aspects of the community so citizens can become equal participants in the financial education, health, and social policy movements to increase shared prosperity.

Innovation and Enlightenment

Constant education to ensure that rural communities are always moving towards more equitable and inclusive governing. Using new and inclusive ideas from collaboration, we can create stronger communities for the future.

Youth Engagement and Development

Engage and develop local and regional youth to become action based leaders that will contribute to the expansion and illumination of the rural South.

Solidity into Action

Whether through citizens or partners we strive to ensure that all of our solidarity efforts are turned into actionable resolutions. By building capacity and forming workable partnerships, we will work towards fortified change.    


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